Cloudflare error "is not a registered domain" when i try to add domain to CF

If you get an error "is not a registered domain" when trying to add a domain to Cloudflare.

Unfortunately, often the text of this Cloudflare error is not correct and can mislead users.

First of all, we recommend checking by Whois if the domain is registered.

The most common causes of error "is not a registered domain" is domains were either delegated with Cloudflare name servers, or DNS records were not configured before adding to Cloudflare.

Cloudflare require for adding domains they should not be delegated with Cloudflare name servers, but with third-party name servers, on which DNS records are preconfigured.

To do this on regway nameservers, just activate the free "DNS Management" service on the order page by clicking on the "Manage DNS" link. More info -

If the above steps do not help?

There are also many other reasons why " not a registered domain" error may occur on the Cloudflare side. Please note that we are not affiliated with Cloudflare in any way and for all questions related to the operation of their services, please contact Cloudflare support.


P.S. You can also bypass CF requirement and before adding domains to CF temporarily delegate them with any name servers that give pre-configured records to any request, for example: