Funds withdrawal order

The withdrawal of mistakenly credited or unused funds from the personal account is possible by wire transfer to account opened in the client name.
To withdraw unused funds please fill application form -
Withdrawals are made according to the account details specified in the application.
The letter must include a copy of ID and company documents (if the account is registered with the company) and sent to email info[at]
The request will be processed within 10 business days after receiving the original letter.
Bank commission of SEPA / SWIFT / ACH payment is 1.5%, but not less than 25 USD/EUR. SWIFT payments are sent with the SHA option. You can check your bank fees and correspondent banks fees with your bank manager.
It is also possible to withdraw funds to identified Webmoney WMZ wallet in an amount not exceeding the amount of payments from the wallet for which unused funds are returned. Please note that the payment system fees are paid by the recipient.