Search erroneous cryptocurrency payments via payment gate

1. Check that transaction amount in blockchain matches the payment amount specified by the payment gateway at the last payment step. Please do not forget to add all sender's fees to the transaction.

If you transfer cryptocurrency directly from an exchange (eg Binance etc.) or some custodial wallets that charge their customers with additional hidden fees when sending transactions, please keep in mind that the real amount sent may be less by that fees.

In this case, the payment provider will not credit the payment with the wrong amount and the purchase will not go through. 

Incorrect transactions with wrong amount cannot be processed and this will lead to loss of funds!

You can check the real amount of the payment sent by your exchange / wallet in the blockchain explorer (for example, you can use or


2. Please make sure you have successfully sent transaction to Volet payment system - correct token on the correct blockchain to the correct address.

Incorrect transactions with wrong token (eg USDC instead of USDT) or token standard / blockchain (BSC-20 / Binance Smart Chain instead of ERC-20 / Ethereum) cannot be processed and this will lead to loss of funds!

You can check the transaction in the blockchain explorer (for example, you can use or


3. Please check in blockchain that the payment has already received the required number of network confirmations (for example, for bitcoin - 6). If you sent a transaction with a reduced network fee, the confirmation time can increase significantly.

You can check the actual number of network confirmations for transaction in the blockchain explorer (for example, you can use or


4. Check that the transaction was included in a block within the timeframe set by the Volet gateway. For example, BTC transactions must have at least 1 network confirmation within the 15 min rate fixing timeframe set by the Volet payment gateway.

If your wallet sends transactions with a delay or with a low network fees (not enough to include the transaction in the 1st block) then transaction may not get into the blockchain in the timeframe allocated by the Volet payment gateway.

In this case, the Volet payment gateway will not credit funds. Because funds are not transferred to us, we will not be able to credit them to your account.



advcash full amount




If the sender's wallet or exchange charges additional fees, take these fees into account when sending the payment. Erroneous transactions with incorrect amount cannot not be credited by the payment provider.

We recommend using only non-custodial wallets, where you can independently manage the real transaction amount and network fees (e.g. Trust wallet for USDT or electrum for bitcoin).

Also you can use another USDT payment gate (Webmoney) with automatic refund option for errorneous transactions.





The speed of confirmation in bitcoin-like networks depends on:

1. How fast your wallet sends a transaction to the network. We recommend creating payments from wallets / exchanges that send a transaction to the network without delay.

2. Network fee. We recommend that you set a fee that is sufficient to ensure that the transaction is included by the miners in the current block and does not remain in the mempool waiting for the next blocks.

We recommend using only non-custodial wallets, where you can independently manage the sending time and network fees (e.g. electrum for bitcoin).

If for some reason this is not possible (for example, the wallet / exchange you use sends payments with a delay and / or sets commissions for miners that are insufficient for quick confirmation of transactions on the bitcoin network and does not allow them to be changed) - you can use another bitcoin payment gate Webmoney.Merchant for BTC / USDT / ETH / LTC payments - there is a larger timeframe (for example, 20 min for BTС/LTC and 240 min for ETH/USDT), you can specify an auto-refund address, and there is also Lightning Network instant transactions support.

Or you can any other payment methods (cryptocurrency with a shorter block calculation time or traditional fiat).



If the payment was not credited you can submit a request for manual search for an erroneous payment to cbill by email support[at] with the subject "Request to search for an erroneously sent transaction {Transaction_ID}" and providing them with the details of the transaction:

If a transaction is made with the wrong amount cbill support can process it manually after paying the missing amount and fees.

Please note that if an erroneous transaction is sent multiple times the payment provider will not assist in searching and manually processing the erroneous payment the second time.

We recommend you review your transaction before sending and send only correct payments (with the correct amount and within the time frame set by the payment gateway).

Please avoid similar situations again as this will result in loss of funds - the erroneous transaction will not be credited.


Cbill additional fees for search and return erroneous payments