Search and return erroneous cryptocurrency payments via Webmoney payment gate

If your transaction to Webmoney Transfer payment gateway wallet was completed (you can check in the blockchain that the payment was sent with correct amount and within the allotted timeframe and received the required number of confirmations), but was not credited by Webmoney then the payment from Webmoney was not received by us too.

Note: If the sender's wallet or exchange charges additional fees, please take these fees into account when sending the payment. Transactions with incorrect amount cannot not be credited by Webmoney payment gate.

If you sending a USDT transaction with an incorrect amount, Webmoney allows you to return the erroneous transaction in one click:

If you accidentally close the refund page in your browser, you can always go to it using the link in the letter sent to the email you specified in the previous step:


Also you can contact Webmoney Transfer support with transaction details to search for and refund the erroneous payment.


Note:  When paying with Bitcoin via Webmoney gate we recommend you specify refund address - in this case, the erroneous transaction will be automatically returned by the Webmoney payment gateway to the address you specified: